Freedom to Read Quiz 2014

Test your knowledge of censorship stories in the 2014 Freedom to Read review. Enter your answers in the space below, then click on Submit to compare your answers to the correct responses.

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1. What is the name of the First Nation that Jessie Housty belongs to?
2. What destructive event occurred in the summer of 2013 in Bella Bella, B.C.?
3. What did Alberta librarian Jason Openo call the “number one challenge” in 2013?
4. According to Jason Openo, what topped challenges to books in Canadian libraries in 2012?
5. According to the Canadian Library Association (and Alvin M. Schrader and Donna Bowman), what were the four grounds for objection that accounted for two thirds of all challenges to library resources and policies in 2012?
6. What do Schrader and Bowman say was the category of material that managed to escape challenges in 2012—for the first time in seven years of annual surveys?
7. What did residents of a town near Newtown, Conn., threaten to do in January 2013, after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School?
8. According to Charles Montpetit, what event in 1948 prompted an MP from Kamloops, B.C., to convince Parliament to ban the production, printing, publishing, distribution, sale and ownership of “any magazine, periodical or book which exclusively or substantially comprises matter depicting pictorially the commission of crimes, real or fictitious”?
9. Is Canada’s crime rate increasing or decreasing?
10. According to Charles Montpetit, during the October Crisis in Quebec in 1970, what type of artistic material was most frequently censored?
11. In what year was Canada’s Access to Information Act enacted?
12. What does the acronym SLAPP stand for, and what bill was introduced in Ontario to counter SLAPPs?
13. According to Ron Deibert’s Black Code: Inside the Battle for Cyberspace, some of the worst cyberthreats are aimed at what?
14. According to Ann Curry’s research, are young boys or young girls more enthusiastic about scatological book material?
15. What was the nature of the Toronto classroom exhibit that caused an uproar in May 2013?
16. According to Pippa Wysong, what environmental scientist was prevented from promoting his climate-change novel, and by which government office?
17. What does Mark Bourrie say Library and Archives Canada employees received at the beginning of 2013?
18. According to teacher-librarian Diana Maliszewski, what has happened to school library programs over the past 10 years?
19. What is the Communications Security Establishment Canada authorized to do?
20. According to Franklin Carter’s feature on challenged books and magazines, what lobby group urged that a book be withdrawn from school libraries in 2006, and what was the book?
21. In 1976, Nobel laureate Alice Munro’s novel Lives of Girls and Women was removed from the Grade 13 reading list of a Peterborough, Ont., school. Why?

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