Who We Are

Freedom to Read Week is a project of the Book and Periodical Council (BPC), the umbrella organization for associations involved in the writing and editing, publishing and manufacturing, distribution, and selling and lending of books and periodicals in Canada.

Contact Us

Contact details for Freedom to Read Week, the Freedom of Expression Committee, and the Book and Periodical Council. Contact Us.

Statement on Freedom of Expression

A statement of the basic tenets of the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council. Read our Statement on Freedom of Expression.

Freedom of Expression Committee

The BPC’s Freedom of Expression Committee monitors censorship issues in Canada, organizes the annual Freedom to Read Week, and produces an information kit each year on issues of intellectual freedom.

Committee Members

  • Ron Brown, Professional Writers Association of Canada
  • Brendan de Caires, PEN Canada
  • Franklin Carter, Editorial Consultant
  • Sandy Crawley, National Reading Campaign
  • Teri Degler, The Writers’ Union of Canada
  • Brianne DiAngelo, Magazines Canada
  • Kate Edwards, Association of Canadian Publishers
  • Amanda Hopkins, Writers’ Trust of Canada
  • Camilia Kahrizi, Canadian Children’s Book Centre
  • Bianca Lakoseljac, Canadian Authors Association
  • Mark Leiren-Young, PEN Canada
  • Anne McClelland, Book and Periodical Council
  • Heather Menzies, The Writers’ Union of Canada
  • Marg Anne Morrison (chair), Editors’ Association of Canada
  • Alvin Schrader, Canadian Library Association
  • Becky Toyne, publicist
  • Vickery Bowles, Canadian Library Association
  • Cailin Cooper, The Walrus
  • Lauren Perruzza, Literary Press Group of Canada