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Get Involved

Freedom to Read Week provides an opportunity for Canadians to focus on issues of intellectual freedom as they affect your community, your province, our country, and countries around the world. Whether you are a librarian, bookseller, educator, student, or member of the community, there are lots of ways you can help mark this annual event.

How You Can Observe Freedom to Read Week

We encourage you to use these ideas to Get Involved during Freedom to Read Week and all year round. We sincerely hope your efforts have an impact in your library, classroom and your community.

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Get Social

Celebrate Freedom to Read Week on social media! Tweet @Freedom_To_Read Express what freedom to read means to you and pose the same question to your community on …
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Get creative during Freedom to Read Week by trying out these fun DIYs!
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Get Caught Reading

Create a mugshot backdrop. Library patrons can have their picture taken with a banned or challenged book or magazine…
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Pop-Up Readings

Set up a speaker podium where people can read aloud from censored materials. Invite local authors to read from their books, or keep it simple …
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Start a Challenged Book Club

Select a book that has been challenged, and make censorship the focus of your group discussion. For a list of challenged books and magazines, go …
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Report a Challenge

Each year, new challenges are made to books, magazines, and other print materials in Canada. We strive to keep accurate, up-to-date records of challenges to …
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Freedom to Read Trivia

Host a trivia night over Zoom or Google Meet. Click here to visit our resources page for ideas to help you create questions about censorship …
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Contact the Media

If your school newspaper reviews books or your library provides a book review column in the local newspaper, during Freedom to Read Week review famous …
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Involve Your Local Government

Ask your municipal or local council to declare your community a Freedom to Read Zone. The proclamation could be modelled on the Sample Proclamation. Make sure …
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