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How to Support the Work of Freedom to Read Week

The Book and Periodical Council (BPC) is grateful for your support of Freedom to Read Week. Your donation makes it possible for the BPC to publicize free expression issues, promote Freedom to Read Week and publish our resource kit, campaign poster and bookmark. For more information, see Why Donate to Freedom to Read Week below.

Please note: We thank all donors for their contributions, but we are unable to give charitable tax receipts.

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Donate by Mail

In order to make a donation by mail, we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a cheque payable to “Book and Periodical Council”
  2. On the memo line of the cheque, please indicate that the donation is for “Freedom to Read”
  3. Please mail your cheque to:

    Book and Periodical Council
    192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 107
    Toronto ON M5T 2C2

For More Information

Call the BPC office at 416-975-9366 or email [email protected].

Freedom to Read Week is organized by the Book and Periodical Council.

Why Donate to Freedom to Read Week?

Freedom to Read Week is a national annual celebration organized by the Book and Periodical Council that encourages Canadians to think about and value their right to read, write and publish freely. Over the years, the week has become a regular feature of the annual programming of schools, libraries and literary groups across Canada. From student video contests to large public readings of challenged materials, participants have found creative and inspiring ways to show how important freedom of expression is to them.

Despite having strong traditions of free expression and free inquiry, Canada also has a long-standing tradition of censorship. Historically, books and magazines have often been quietly removed from libraries and classrooms. Freedom to Read Week was created to challenge the covert nature of censorship, creating a broader awareness of these ongoing challenges to Canadian writing, and to allow Canadians to actively defend their right to publish, read and write freely and to widen their understanding of the negative effects of censorship, not just on readers but on writers and publishers as well.

The Book and Periodical Council’s (BPC) Freedom of Expression (FOE) Committee was formed in 1978 to resist and raise awareness of attempts to ban works by authors such as Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro, J.D. Salinger and John Steinbeck from Canadian classrooms and libraries. The mandate of the FOE Committee has been and continues to be to monitor and oppose threats to free expression and raise awareness of issues of censorship, intellectual freedom and access to books, magazines and information in Canada. In 1984, the FOE Committee launched Freedom to Read Week (FTRW), a unique annual program aimed at raising the public’s awareness of these issues.

The BPC office serves as a communications hub for the coordination and management of FTRW, bringing together the efforts of the FOE Committee, BPC staff, freelancers (publicist, editors, designer, webmaster) and volunteers. Dedicated event organizers across the country support and participate in the campaign, promoting awareness, planning events and distributing information. Our loyal sponsors and donors remain an integral part of the project, with contributions ranging from financial contributions to in-kind sponsorships.

The BPC and its FOE Committee is an umbrella/oversight organization that provides the tools and resources to make FTRW happen. We encourage others to host their own events, displays and outreach. We, in turn, provide the mandate, materials (Freedom to Read review, campaign poster, bookmarks), additional resources, promotion and encouragement that make FTRW a strong national program felt at the community level.