Host Your Own Photo Contest

A great way to get people involved is to host a photo contest in your community or school. Ask participants to submit photos about freedom of expression, which could include photos of challenged books, Freedom to Read events, the Freedom to Read Week poster, people reading or anything that promotes the written word.

Some fun ideas for contest prizes are a selection of challenged books, DVDs of films made from challenged books or gift certificates from a local bookstore. You can download the list of challenged books and magazines at to get more ideas. Partnering with local businesses can be a great way to get prizes and other forms of support for your contest too.

Make sure to look into the federal and provincial laws that apply to contests while planning your contest, and be aware that the rules among provinces vary.

The Book and Periodical Council would love to see your winning contest photos. Photos submitted may be featured on the Freedom to Read website or in the Freedom to Read Review.

Send your photos to [email protected] or add them to our photos on Facebook.

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