Set Up Displays – Use Our Poster

Set an “I read banned books” reading goal in your school or public library. Fill a display area with banned or challenged books from its collection and videos made from challenged books. Insert a brightly coloured paper marker in each item, and set up a thermometer graph. As materials circulate, collect and count the markers, and then mark on the thermometer the number of titles borrowed. Present the hundredth — or thousandth — borrower with a poster from our Freedom to Read Kit, or with a copy of a banned or challenged Canadian book, or another suitable prize.

Support censored writers. Ask PEN Canada and Amnesty International for information on banned or imprisoned writers. Mount a display featuring their stories, and provide a stack of preprinted postcards with supportive messages for library patrons to sign.

Use the Freedom to Read poster as a centrepiece for a display in your bookstore, school, or library. A display could include books challenged in Canada or books controversial throughout history.

Wrap a number of banned books in a thick metal chain and bind it with a lock — the bigger the lock, the better. Set the pile on the information desk or some other prominent place in the library or bookstore.

Wrap banned books in plain brown paper and rip an opening just large enough to reveal the title of the book.

Collect press clippings about censorship issues present or past. Cover a wall or display area with these clippings.

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