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Resources on censorship and free expression for students and educators

30 Challenged Publications

Canadians have long tried to remove books and magazines that they deem offensive, or inappropriate for certain audiences, from public libraries and schools.
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Challenged Works List

This selective list provides information on more than 100 books, magazines and other written works that have been challenged in Canada in the past decades.
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Freedom to Read Kits

Each year for Freedom to Read Week, the BPC publishes a review of current censorship issues in Canada, featuring news, interviews, and ideas for educators.
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Games and Quizzes

Use these resources to educate yourself and others. Click on the images to download the PDF for printing. Word Searches and Acrostics Word Searches: See…
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Index 2016

Ce document constitue une compilation non-exhaustive de 643 auteur‐es et de 1222 œuvres diffusées en français qui ont fait l’objet de tentatives de censure, réussies…
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When the Censor Comes

Created for teachers, librarians, booksellers and others who disseminate the printed word, this guide offers advice about dealing with would-be censors.
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