Challenged Works

Les nombrils

By Marc Delafontaine and Maryse Dubuc (2004 - )

Les Nombrils (The Bellybuttons) is a French Canadian comic book series written by Maryse Dubuc and illustrated by her husband, Marc Delafontaine.

“The series, characterised as ‘chick lit in graphic novel format’ by Cinebook, focuses on three girls—two glamourous and vain, and one homely and down-to-earth—who test their friendships against popularity, boys and jealousy. To each other, they are considered frenemies — at times they help each other out, while at other times they compete for the same man.

In both languages, the name of the series is derived from the body piercing jewellery that the main characters Jenny and Vicky wear in their navels. The title also refers to Jenny and Vicky referring themselves as the ‘world’s bellybutton.’

The tagline for the series is ‘Life is Cruel. Deal with it.’ In the original French version, ‘La vie est cruelle. Et puis après ?’ (Life is cruel. So what?)”

Source:  Wikipedia


2009 — In Laval, Quebec, the Mosaïque school for troubled teens pulled copies of this internationally successful comic book series off its library shelves.

Objection — School authorities feared that the young, thin female characters in Les nombrils might encourage anorexia among the school’s female students.

Update — School authorities rescinded their decision after the graduation of the girls whom they saw as vulnerable to anorexia.

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