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Ani Croche and La course a l’amour

Author: Bertrand Gauthier
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About the Work

Challenges in Canada

1995—Before the Commission des états généraux sur l’éducation (Estates General of Education Commission), the president of the Association des parents catholiques du Québec (Association of Catholic Parents of Quebec) denounced these two books for youngsters, written by a multiple prize-winner, as being “unacceptable” and “borderline pornographic.” She asked the Ministry of Education to provide “better control over the selection of books found in libraries.” The news media described the recommendation as a return to blacklisting and noted that the APCQ exerted a strong influence over the Commission des écoles catholiques de Montréal (Catholic School Board of Montreal). The president of the school board said that APCQ influence would not affect the schools since Ani Croche was no longer on the list recommended by its Bureau of Teaching Materials and that La course à l’amour had not been on that list since 1990.

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Two books for young people.