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Black Eye 1: Graphic Transmissions to Cause Ocular Hypertension

By Ivan Brunetti, Lilli Carré, et al. (2011)

An anthology of original narrative comics, art and essays by 41 international artists and writers, all focused on the expression of black, dark or absurdist humor. Nominated for the 2011 Ignatz Award in the “Outstanding Anthology or Collection” category.


2011 — Officials of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) seized five copies of this comic book anthology in Buffalo, New York, while artist Tom Neely and a colleague were travelling to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Objection — The customs officers found images of sex and violence in the book. They sent Black Eye 1 to Ottawa to determine whether the publication was legally obscene and prohibited.

Update — Later, after reviewing the book, the CBSA concluded it was not legally obscene.

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