Challenged Works


By Sylvie Rancourt (1985)


1990–91—Even though the author received a grant from the Quebec Ministry of Cultural Affairs, this illustrated autobiography of an exotic dancer was denounced by Family Circle magazine as “pornography” in cartoon guise. Later, after recognizing the cover of Melody on the wall of the Planet Earth comic store in Toronto, a mother complained to the police, who charged four employees with “possession and sale of obscene material.” The Toronto Sun indicated where the employees lived. Due to serious illness, the store owner could not appeal and the store closed shortly thereafter. The Toronto Morality Squad raided another comic store, Dragon Lady, and seized more than 400 magazines—one of which was Melody—kept in bags out of public view. The staff was charged with possession and sale of obscene materials, even though signs said that no “adult” title would be sold to minors. The store stopped selling these magazines. Shortly thereafter, the police raided the warehouse of the Andromeda distribution company and seized about 15 magazines. Upon a lawyer’s recommendation, Andromeda announced that it was relinquishing 66 comic-strip magazines—one of which was Melody—which might be considered obscene. Most stores no longer carry Melody.

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