Challenged Works

Ziggy Piggy and the Three Little Pigs

By Frank Asch


2006 — In the Edmonton Public Library, a parent complained about this children’s book about four little pigs.

Objection — The parent objected to an episode at the end of the book in which the Wolf huffs and puffs and blows the four pigs on raft far out to sea and the pigs then go for a swim. The parent wrote: “I don’t know what the author was hoping children would learn from the actions of the pig [i.e., Ziggy]. Yes, he was creative and perhaps a free spirit; however, he may have delivered his friends into greater danger. What is the lesson learned?” The parent considered the book inappropriate for young children and recommended that mature students or children critique the book to discover whether it was suitable for publishing or whether it was suitable for younger children.

Update — The library sent a letter to the complainant. The letter outlined the process and timelines for the library’s response. In the end, the library retained the book in its picture book collection.

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