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A Clockwork Orange

Cover of A Clockwork Orange

A dystopian horror, a black comedy, an exploration of choice, A Clockwork Orange by English writer Anthony Burgess, is also a work of exuberant invention which created a new language for its characters.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men cover

A classic American novella that describes the hardships of migrant workers in California during the Great Depression.

A Jest of God

Cover of A Jest of God

A Jest of God — which won the Governor General’s Literary Award for fiction in 1966 — depicts the unhappy life of an elementary schoolteacher in small-town Manitoba.

Barometer Rising

Cover of Barometer Rising

Barometer Rising is a romantic-realist novel by Canadian author Hugh MacLennan. The work explores life in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during World War I, and its interruption by the Halifax explosion.

Something to Tell

A story for young readers about inappropriate touching and what to do about it.

The Wars

Robert Ross, a sensitive nineteen-year-old Canadian officer, went to war — The War to End All Wars. He found himself in the nightmare world of trench warfare, of mud and smoke, of chlorine gas and rotting corpses.