“Guess the Book” Contest

Photo courtesy: Carleton University

Wrap banned books in plain brown paper and rip an opening just large enough to reveal the title of the book.


Wrap books in brown paper, write a clue on the paper, and have people guess which book it is. You can also photocopy a few pages of each book, cut the copies into strips and place them in a jar for people to draw and guess.

Whichever way you choose to do it, be sure to send us pictures of the final product!

Custom T-Shirts

Get custom Freedom to Read Week t-shirts made and decorate them however you would like! Take photos wearing them during Freedom to Read Week and post those on your socials to spread awareness and show off your new style.

Be sure to use the hashtags #FTRWeek or #FreedomtoRead and tag us on Twitter or Instagram!

Caged Books

Photo courtesy: Morinville Community Library

Create a cage using chicken wire and caution tape and display challenged books and magazines inside. Or, to make it easier, place the book inside of an empty bird cage (pictured above).

Be sure to upload pictures of it online and tag us @bookandperiodicalcouncil!

Black-out Poetry

Photocopy a page from your favourite challenged book or magazine; then black-out some of the text with a black marker to make a poem from the remaining visible text. Share your work by posting on your social media and use hashtags like #FTRWeek or #FreedomToRead!

Make a Timeline

Show the history of book challenges or book burnings. Your timeline could be a poster, a banner or a chalk drawing on pavement. Check out our “35 Years of Freedom of Expression” timeline here.

See an excerpt below: