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Organize an Event

Invite Speakers

Invite a panel of authors, librarians, publishers, lawyers, journalists or teachers to speak about freedom of expression over a Zoom call. Prepare questions for the guests, find yourself a moderator (if necessary) and allow people to register to join!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Arrange a panel discussion with local personalities, politicians, writers, artists, and teachers on “Key Books in Your Life.” Ask panel members to talk about a banned or challenged book that has had a strong positive influence in their lives. 
  2. Organize a panel discussion on an intellectual freedom issue that is particularly important in your area – access to environmental information, graphic AIDS awareness pamphlets, ineffective access-to-information laws, or explicit rap music lyrics.

Attend a (virtual or physical) Event

Go offline or stay online and check out your local libraries and community spaces to participate in their Freedom to Read activities. As libraries and community spaces are not currently open, you can check out their websites to see if they have any virtual events planned.

To help you get started, we have provided a list of many Freedom to Read Week events on our website!

School Announcements

Have your students read short passages from their favorite challenged books during morning announcements throughout Freedom to Read Week. Encourage your library to put up a display of challenged books to promote student engagement!

Celebrate a Freedom to Read Champion

Take inspiration from the Ontario Library Association, The Writers’ Union of Canada and the Book and Periodical Council, and present a Freedom of Expression or Freedom to Read Award to a writer, publisher, librarian, educator, journalist, or other person who has made a contribution to preserving intellectual freedoms in your community or region. The award could be presented by a school, bookstore, public library, or some other appropriate organization in your community.