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New Book: Dare to Speak

A new book about free expression is on the market: Suzanne Nossel’s Dare to Speak: Defending Free Speech for All.

Nossel is the CEO of PEN America. HarperAcademic is the publisher.


At Literary Hub, Paul Holdengräber interviews Ms. Nossel:

At National Public Radio, Dinaw Mengestu interviews Ms. Nossel:


On C-SPAN2’s Book TV, John Schumann interviews Ms. Nossel:


CBS News interviews Ms. Nossel:


Ayad Akhtar talks with Ms. Nossel. Fay Rosenfeld of the New York Public Library introduces the conversation at the 9:15-minute mark:

In the Los Angeles Times, Sewell Chan interviews Ms. Nossel:


At the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Nico Perrino interviews Ms. Nossel:


Henry Reichman of the American Association of University Professors writes:


At Publishing Perspectives, Porter Anderson writes:

News byte courtesy: R. Franklin Carter