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Grunts and Twitches

The U.S.-Canada border is long, for the most part undefended and porous, so it should not come as a surprise that the battles in the United States over books and reading have crept into Canada.

Freedom of Expression Rights and the School Library

Oromocto High School, Oromocto, New Brunswick

Student freedom of expression rights are essential to education in a free and democratic society. Teacher-librarians, by virtue of their dual professional qualifications in teaching and librarianship and their dual codes of ethics, play the role of standard-bearers for freedom of expression rights within the school community.

Desmond Cole Knows This Will Be Uncomfortable

a photograph of Desmond Cole outside on a sunny summer day

Many of our previous champions of free expression have been celebrated for their staunch defence of anyone’s and everyone’s right to expression. But Desmond Cole—the Toronto activist and author who is our champion for 2021—wants us to consider how language can be dehumanizing and even deadly.

Keeping Authors Writing in a Collapsed Economy

We talk a lot about the freedom to read and the importance of free expression, but threats to these essential freedoms don’t always come from censorious governments or inflexible ideologies. Sometimes they come from global disaster.