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Understanding Canadian Defamation Law

The defamation lawsuit is a concern for anyone who speaks or writes about controversy. To help you better understand defamation law, we’ve put together this primer.

Word Warrior: Alvin M. Schrader in Conversation with Julie Payne

In 2015, Alvin M. Schrader marked the fortieth anniversary of the year that he embarked on his career as a librarian and educator. During those four decades, he has been a passionate advocate for the role of the library as a vehicle for free expression, an outspoken critic of Internet filtering and an ardent spokesperson for the inclusion of LGBTQ materials in library collections.

Brian MacLeod Rogers: Just Cause

Photo of Brian Rogers

If you want to learn about the evolution of Canadian free expression law over the past 30 years, there is no better place to look than the career of lawyer Brian MacLeod Rogers. His career encompasses defamation and libel law, journalists’ right to protect their sources and the principle of open courts.