Challenged Works

Selected books and magazines that have been challenged in Canada.

The Star Weekly At War

By Ian MacDonald

Compilation of WWII covers of the Weekly 1939-1945

The Three Musketeers

By Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Morvan, Dufranne, Ruben and Galopin

Classics Illustrated Deluxe Graphic Novel, children’s.

The Turner Diaries

By William Pierce

This underground novel, said to have inspired the Oklahoma City bomber, describes how white supremacists launch an anti-government race war.

The Valour and the Horror

By Merily Weisbord and Merilyn Simonds Mohr

Book based on a three-part TV series.

The Waiting Dog

By Carolyn Beck and Andrea Beck

Children’s book about a dog who is anxiously waiting for the mail to be delivered to his home.

The Wars

By Timothy Findley (1977)

Robert Ross, a sensitive nineteen-year-old Canadian officer, went to war — The War to End All Wars. He found himself in the nightmare world of trench warfare, of mud and smoke, of chlorine gas and rotting corpses.

The Young in One Another’s Arms

By Jane Rule

Novel by Order of Canada recipient Jane Rule.

This One Summer

By Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki (2014)

Three Wishes

By Deborah Ellis (2004)

Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak (Groundwood Books, 2004) is about the children of the war-torn Middle East.

Tintin in America

By Herge

Children’s graphic novel.