Challenged Works

Selected books and magazines that have been challenged in Canada.

To Kill a Mockingbird

By Harper Lee

Pulitzer Prize-winning, classic work of American Literature often challenged in Canada.

Tout Deschamps

By Yvon Deschamps

Book by professional comedian.

Trouble on Tarragon Island

By Nikki Tate

Children’s novel.

Under the Gun: Inside the Mohawk Civil War

By Rick Hornung (1991)

Account of the 1990 clash between Mohawks and soldiers at Oka.

Underground to Canada

By Barbara Smucker

Historical novel for young readers.

Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die

By Adam Arnold, Michael Shelfer and Shiei (2013)

Vue Weekly

Local news and entertainment magazine in Edmonton, Alberta.

Waging War from Canada

By Mike Pearson

This non-fiction book argues that Canada is an ideal launching pad for international terrorism against the United States.


Style Magazine.

We All Fall Down

By Robert Cormier

Suspense novel for young adults.